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Our firm filed suit against an oral surgeon who performed several surgeries on a patient in an effort to correct a malocclusion and to improve her facial appearance. Because of the oral surgeon’s negligence, he required three additional surgeries by another oral surgeon in Dallas, Texas, and the patient spent approximately $60,000 for additional medical expenses.

In the lawsuit, our firm alleged the patient was not advised of alternative options to surgery and was not apprised of the risks of surgery. Also, we argued and proved that the defendant placed an unreasonably large bone plate in the patient’s jaw, placing great stress on it and causing her to suffer temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). After hearing and seeing evidence for approximately a week, the jury needed less than an hour in deliberations to return a verdict in favor of the patient for $785,000.


$785,000 VERDICT



A 39-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital after experiencing two seizures and severe headaches. Her admitting diagnoses were seizures and subarachnoid hemorrhage. There was an unknown history of a fall which had occurred while the patient was alone. After being placed in the intensive care unit, she continued to suffer headaches and nausea.

Despite her ongoing symptoms, the treating neurosurgeon ordered her transferred from the ICU to a patient floor after little more than one day. The day after the transfer, her headaches got progressively worse and she became sleepy and sluggish. Because of the deteriorating condition of the patient, the nurse on duty contacted the doctor who visited the patient for a few minutes. Rather than perform any further diagnostic studies, the doctor simply switched her pain medication. Within several hours, she lapsed into a coma and died the following day.

Our firm filed suit on behalf of the patient’s husband of twenty years and two minor children alleging negligence on the part of the neurosurgeon and hospital by failing to properly monitor and treat the patient resulting in her untimely death. Prior to trial, the firm successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of the survivors of the patient for a total of One Million Dollars.


$1,000,000 SETTLEMENT