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Title disputes can take many forms including but not limited to the following:

  • Suit to Quiet Title. In a suit to quiet title, a plaintiff seeks to remove what appears to be a defect in their chain of title. This can take the form of an improper deed, a questionable lien, or adverse possession claim.
  • Partition Action. If one or more parties claim to have an interest in real estate, it may be necessary to file an action to have a court determine the respective interests of the parties. It may even require the court enter an order that the property be sold and that the proceeds from the sale be divided according to the interests of the parties.


There may be occasions where there is a dispute regarding the boundary of your property in relation to an adjoining property owner. We can assist you in resolving that dispute without resort to litigation if able or to represent you should litigation be necessary.


Real estate contract disputes can come in many forms. Examples of real estate disputes are as follows:

  • Breach of Contract. If you are a party to a real estate contract and the other party, whether as a buyer or seller, attempts to back out of the real estate contract in violation of your agreement, you may have a legal claim for a breach of contract. In some cases, you may bring an action for specific performance in order to force the party to proceed with the contract. In other cases, you may be able to sue for money damages including any consequential damages suffered and reasonable attorney fees.
  • Fraud in a Real Estate Transaction. A fraud action typically arises when the seller of real estate has either misrepresented the condition of the property or failed to disclose one or more defects in the property prior to the closing. These defects come in many forms including but not limited to foundation problems, prior flooding, electrical problems, prior water damage and many other types of undisclosed defects. We have represented both buyers and sellers in fraud lawsuits. Please contact our firm if you believe you have purchased property and believe the seller fraudulently misrepresented the condition of the property or failed to disclose certain defects or problems with the title. On the other hand, if an individual or company accuses you of having committed fraud in a real estate contract or has actually filed suit against you for fraud, please contact our office immediately so we may take quick action to prevent you from being held legally liable or to minimize any losses which you could otherwise incur.


If there is an issue as to whether or not you had trespassed on someone else's property or they have trespassed on your property, we can assist you in resolving that dispute either with or without litigation. If this occurs, please contact our office immediately so we can assist you.


If you are a contractor or builder and have not been paid for work you have performed either on a residential or commercial project, we can assist you in making certain that your lien rights under the mechanic's lien statutes are protected. On the other hand, if you are a property owner and a lien is filed against your property because of work allegedly performed by a contractor or builder, we can assist you in eliminating that lien from your property and resolving that dispute.

If you have any type of real estate matter which requires legal representation, please immediately contact our office and we can provide you the type of experienced and competent legal representation you need. We handle disputes anywhere in the states of Kansas or Missouri and are prepared to immediately take action to assure your interests are protected.

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