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Finding a lawyer to help you determine if you have a case is something you must do sooner rather than later. Our wrongful death attorney firm was successful in settling a wrongful death case brought by the surviving spouse and two adult children of a fifty-year-old man who was treated for several months by a physician employed by a local HMO.

Our wrongful death lawyer found that despite continuous complaints of extreme abdominal pain which prevented the victim from working or even driving an automobile, the treating doctor failed to perform reasonably necessary diagnostic studies or admit him to the hospital for observation. Because of the failure on the part of the HMO to properly diagnose and treat the patient, he died because of a total lack of blood flow to his abdominal area.

Our firm filed a wrongful death suit alleging that, in addition to their negligent treatment, the physician's and HMO's failure to provide appropriate treatment was driven by the HMO putting profits before patients. Because the HMO was paid a fixed monthly premium for each patient, the more studies performed by the HMO and the more treatment it rendered to a given patient, the less profit it made.

Settled prior to trial for $1,400,000.


Our firm filed suit on behalf of a surviving mother against the company that operated the group home where her children were staying. She alleged negligence in the operation of the home by failing to comply with certain state regulations pertaining to the operation of foster homes including but not limited to the requirement that there be two employees present at the home.

In this tragic case, her two children died in a fire at the group home because of these violations. After numerous depositions, the firm negotiated a structured settlement for the benefit of the mother having a value in excess of $600,000.



Catastrophic injuries may leave a victim with a life-long disability that impacts nearly every aspect of their lives. Wrongful death, which is often defined as "the negligent or willful act of another person that results in loss of life," leaves family members struggling to cope with horrific personal losses. In either case, catastrophic injury or wrongful death, those who have been impacted should know that there are answers to be found and legal options to be had.


At the office of John R. Campbell Jr., our Kansas City law firm has represented numerous individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries. As a Kansas City wrongful death attorney, we've tried and settled numerous cases involving all types of catastrophic injuries, including neck, back, spinal cord and spine injury, traumatic brain injury and head injury, burn injury and loss of limb.

The firm handled a case where the client was performing an aerial exhibition at a convention and the host and operator of the convention was sued for failing to provide the appropriate equipment making the stunt unsafe and creating a dangerous situation. The client's leg was seriously injured and it ultimately had to be amputated below the knee. Prior to trial, the case settled for just under 2 million dollars.


We've represented many survivors of individuals who have been killed through the negligence of another party. If you are related to a person by blood or marriage who has been killed because of a defective product or the negligence of an individual or company, you should know that you have certain rights which may entitle you to compensation. In the States of Missouri and Kansas, there are specific laws and statutes which protect the relatives of individuals who have died as a result of a negligent or willful act by another party. Although most of the cases we handle are in the Greater Kansas City Area, our law firm can handle any wrongful death case anywhere throughout Missouri and Kansas.

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Our Kansas City law firm focuses our personal injury and wrongful death practice on the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Pharmaceutical litigation
  • Product defects
  • Truck accidents
  • Vehicular accidents
If you have a catastrophic injury, wrongful death, or any other legal matter that should be handled by an attorney, please contact us for a free consultation. If you have a case and you elect to retain our firm, we will handle the case on a contingency basis. This means you will incur no expense and no fees unless and until we are successful with your case. Call the LAW OFFICES OF JOHN R. CAMPBELL JR. in Kansas City or simply fill out our contact form.